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What is a Law Label?
What is a Uniform Registration Number (URN)?
What is a manufacturer?
What is an Importer?
What is Registration?
What is "Joint" registration?
What U.S. States and Canadian Provinces require registration?
Will Law Label Services register my company in Canada?
What products require registration?
Are there any other fees?
What is a 'Per Item Fee' or 'Article Fee'?
Why do I have to register?
What if I use an importer?
What if I am an importer?
What testing does Ohio do?
What testing does California do?
How much does it cost?
What are the steps to get registered?
Why does LLS need a Company Agreement from me?
What if I don’t register?
How long does it take?
What is the first thing I need to do?
What if I don’t have a URN?
What if I use Down Feathers?
How long does the registration last?
How soon can I register or renew?
What if we cancel our request?

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