Ohio Approved
Designated Laboratories
The state of Ohio requires laboratory testing of products for new registrations.
In the past, the Ohio lab was able to process all products. This changed in 2022 as the equipment used for testing was outdated and needed to be replaced, but the Ohio budget did not allow for this. They were able to continue testing products that contained one (1) stuffing material.

The required lab test is for Fiber content analysis (ASTM-629, AATCC 20-21 / AATCC 20A-21)
See the highlighted section (F) in the document below:
Rule 4101 6-1-20 Laboratory Designation.pdfRule 4101 6-1-20 Laboratory Designation.pdf

The factory name and address MUST be on the lab report. The name and address must match the factory name and address that is being registered.

It will be best if the factory sends the sample directly to the lab so the factory name shows on the report.

If the sample is sent by a vendor, parent company or U.S. importer, the report will have that company's name in the header information of the report. The manufacturer name will need to be added to extra fields in the report.
Here is an example of adding the Manufacturer name to the report:

The lab report must show a photo of the finished product.
A complete toy for testing needs to include any stiffening materials (wire, plastic,metal, cardboard, etc.), pellets, pieces, sand, balls, etc., found in the toy. These materials should be noted on the labs report of analysis to do a proper law label review of the toy article.

BV-OH-Report.pdfBV-OH-Report.pdf Intertek-OH-Report.pdfIntertek-OH-Report.pdf

The Ohio office has partnered with many commercial labs to do the product testing.
The list of laboratories can be found on the Ohio website here:

We have created a document below that is a print of the laboratory list from the Ohio website.
We will periodically update this list as needed.

Approved Designated Laboratories _ Ohio Department of Commerce-April-2024.pdfApproved Designated Laboratories _ Ohio Department of Commerce-April-2024.pdf

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